Dogs leave paw prints on your heart . . .


Please Note:

We do not quote prices without first seeing your pet as the price may vary depending on the size and condition of the coat.  In the event we provide a quote, please remember that it’s only an estimate.  The final price will be determined once the grooming is complete due to unexpected conditions such as: fleas, excessive matting, other skin conditions and/or the behavior of your pet.

Spa Services
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Grooming Services

Blueberry Package $20 Walk-In Nail Trim $10
Sugar Scrub $4 – $12 Nail Trim & Grind $15
Accent Color $10 Nail Grind (w/ Groom) $5
Feather Accent $8 Teeth Brush $5
Body Bling $5 Anal Gland Expression $5
Nail Polish $10 Flea Bath $10
Express Paw Pkg $5 Mat Shaving $5 – $12
Full Paw Pkg $12 Full Brush Out (per 15 mins) $10
    Touch Up (Face and Eye Trim) $8