Dogs leave paw prints on your heart . . .

Our Policies

  • An appointment is required for all full service grooms.


  • As a courtesy please give 24 hour cancellation notice if unable to make appointments. There will be a $15.00 No Show Fee applied to your account if you do not cancel.  


  • Although many pets behave very well for grooming, there are those who are not the “little angels” we think them to be for the groomer. doggy angelAll animals have different personalities just like us, and we welcome this. However for the safety of both the groomer and the pet, we will not provide services for any aggressive animals and we reserve the right to refuse or turn away service.


  • All dogs have accidents.  Please help keep a safe environment by cleaning up after your pet should this occur inside and outside of the facility.  There are paper towels and plastic bags available for your convenience.